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BotFuel – To Infinity & Beyond!

BotFuel is a token that looks to empower AI intelligence and provide the necessary tools to efficiently make sure that there is no disruption

Botfuel Contract: 0x8da9f718a01a7c3254eaB4663b6fFA3E6af8C48b


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About BotFuel

“To infinity and beyond!” That’s what I, BotFuel Lightyear, say about the future of the next hot crypto meme coin, BotFuel. This cryptocurrency is set to blast off and soar to new heights, just like I do when I use my trusty jetpack. With a loyal fanbase and a catchy name, BotFuel is sure to create a buzz in the world of cryptocurrency. So, fasten your seatbelts, folks, and get ready for an adventure with BotFuel – the coin that’s going to take us to infinity and beyond!

Road map

Our roadmap to help you understand better


Phase 1

• Website Launch✅
• Socials Build Up✅
• DexTools Verified
• CoinMarketCap Listing


Phase 2

• Marketing Campaign✅
• $BotFuel Twitter Trending
• CEX Listing
• Website & Logo Rebrand✅


Phase 3

• Project Partnerships
• Additional CEX Listings
• Large Marketing Campaign


Phase 4



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Dis claimer!!

BotFuel coin is an independent cryptocurrency and has no association, affiliation, or endorsement with Pixar, the Toy Story franchise, or any of their characters, brands, products, or services. The use of the term “BotFuel” in the name of the coin is purely coincidental and does not imply any connection to the popular animated movie or its fictional character BotFuel Lightyear. BotFuel coin should be evaluated based on its own merits and risks, and any investment decisions should be made after conducting independent research and seeking professional advice.

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